Link wheels are still effective?

These days many people are looking for more and more new methods to do SEO and there are so many discussions about Link Wheels as well. Mostly people are interested in creating a link wheel or want to hire an SEO to create a link wheel for them. I have made an article few months back how to create link wheel. There is one more thing which need yet to be clarified, is it worth trying? If you consider the true concept of link wheel and if you make it the original way, then it is worth trying. If you are just making to place your links on the web 2.0 properties then you should avoid link wheel. And there is one more debate that is link wheel white hat or black hat. If you do link wheel in suspicious way like copy pasting the same content on each of the web 2.0 properties used for link wheeling, it makes search engine bots alert. As I said if you consider the true concept, then it is good otherwise you might end up in loosing the rankings. Most of the SEO providers what I’ve seen create link wheels with same content and building links to the original website that is not good. If you don’t know how to deal with link wheels do not enter into this continue with other link building techniques that are useful.

If you ask me about link wheels I would never suggest that you go for a link wheel, but there are some clients which ask for link wheels because they have heard it boosts search engine rankings. Mostly SEO service providing companies has made it so much famous that people think it is worth trying.

In real they are finding new ways to attract customers to hire them for their services. I regularly update myself with SEO and I have subscribed to Grey Wolf Blog, Matt Cutts Blog; they never mentioned link wheels. If you are a webmaster just follow the proper guidelines given to you by Google and other search engines to build links. If you don’t know about SEO and you always hire someone for the services then do not get attracted by these salesy kinds of SEO techniques SeoSonic pozycjonowanie stron. Usually SEO companies always make something new which attracts the webmasters.

If you are very much attracted by link wheel I would suggest always look for that if you are creating a link wheel or hired the services, are they making original unique content on each of the web 2.0 properties. When we create a new page or blog on these web 2.0 properties they always have 0 PR, as you know links from high PR counts much more than low PR.

Always make sure after creating a link wheel do regular SEO of those pages to gain some page rank. Personally I would suggest do not go for a link wheel because it is just a waste of time and it is also not White Hat